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Go Green!

Snappy Solutions is where Health, Safety, and the Environment come first.  We have been GREEN since day one! When NYS issued Executive Order 22: Directing State Agencies to Adopt a Sustainability and Decarbonization Program we knew we were ready to help teams meet their goals.  How?  Snappy has environmentally preferable choices in all our supply divisions, so let us help you BUILD, CLEAN & PROTECT.  

Glass Cleaner with Leaves_edited.jpg


Call Snappy for better for the environment products as you build out EVSE projects, exterior and interior lighting, bathrooms, lockers, classrooms, job sites, and more!

Wheel stops for EV vehicles?  Make them GREEN. 
Traffic Calming bases, bumps, and berms, Portable cable Supports, Customizable engineered curbing,
Pipe and Hose ramps, Sign bases and more!
Track-out mats- leave dirt behind, preserve the ground in construction zones. 



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