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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Snappy Solutions is committed to what is possible and who is possible. Maureen Fairlie set out to build a company where anyone dedicated to hard work and excellent performance could succeed and be part of the solution to sustaining our planet.  How? Change who does business, how they do business, and stay focused on why we do business.


In our Vision statement we commit to helping our clients while contributing responsibly to supporting sustainability of our environment, society, and economy. Our very first products were our own brand of Green Seal Certified Cleaners manufactured in New York City- a way to add to the local economy and to health and safety. Businesses need a path to finding eco-friendly products for everyday use, and we are happy to help them.  We hold ourselves accountable for finding new and innovative products to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals, including solutions that facilitate businesses earning Envision™ Credits or simply using better alternatives.  Sourcing solutions close to you helps eliminate waste in the supply chain. We offer recycled building supplies, eco-friendly maintenance and janitorial supplies, and many made in the USA products. We take the call for thoughtfulness of our imprint on Earth seriously. 

Commitment to sustainability includes how we operate at Snappy Solutions.  We utilize technology to communicate via email and virtual meetings, we clean our spaces with our own line of Eco friendly cleaners, and we consider carbon footprint in our purchases.  We partner with other diverse teams, offer our best to every client, and treat all with respect because what we do matters.   

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