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Help procurement professionals quickly and easily buy goods that keep workplaces running and keep people and the planet safe. We focus on placing people’s needs first through partnership and responsiveness.


Broaden our position as a leading MWBE by focusing on the needs of people to procure goods quickly and efficiently, while contributing responsibly to supporting sustainability of our environment, society, and economy.

New York Office


A woman led team - a person centered approach

Snappy Solutions is a Certified WBE Supply company. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are a cornerstone of our company.


We set out to build a company rooted in the values of integrity, inclusion, and excellence. We have served  our clients’ needs for construction, safety, tactical & rescue, cleaning/maintenance, industrial, office, classroom/utility supplies since 2006.  Our tag line underscores our commitment to sustainability: where health, safety, and the environment come first.


Maureen Fairlie created the company she wished she could find: real people, promptly answering phone calls and emails, responding to requests, and staying in exceptional communication with their customers. Buyers deserve great attention from dependable, helpful partners willing to assist them in meeting their procurement goals. Whether you need to have goods in hand in a week, source environmentally preferable options,  find a unique item, buy on government contract, utilize a trusted WBE, or purchase through Preferred Source, Snappy Solutions meets all these needs and adds the value of partnership.  If you value environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives and want to align with a business where Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are central to its existence, we are your people.  Our success starts with our commitment to connecting with our customers, listening to them to understand their needs, and responding quickly with thoughtful, competitively priced solutions. Everything we do at Snappy Solutions is centered around you, the client.

Snappy Solutions is your fast, dependable, person-centered sourcing partner. We look forward to hearing your challenges and helping you meet your procurement goals!



Procurement is a critical job.

Our job is to make yours easier.

Whether servicing the best interests of the government or your private company, procurement is responsible to the tax payers and stakeholders, and we take your responsibility seriously.


That’s why Snappy Solutions works to make micro to macro purchasing fast and easy:

70 + years Combined Sales and Customer Service Expertise at Snappy Solutions, Inc.

Proferred Source Partner
On State Contracts
Fast and Responsive
Green, eco-friendly PPE, EV Charging Stations
Unique Sourcing Specialists
17 years of service

Making Purchasing Easier

Snappy is a trusted and valuable partner that helps us supply New York State government with essential items needed to operate. Their quality cleaning products were vital to the state during the pandemic and we continually look to Snappy to provide a wide range of products that our customers want and need.

- Tim Fiori

   Senior Director of Business Development,  

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Fast, easy procurement


Wide range of products

Wide Range of Products

Superior service

Superior Service

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