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Team of hardworking dedicated memebers to procure the right solutions

Call the People

I have a friend whose husband is a very practical guy.  When they moved into their new apartment everything was great, until something broke. “Jeff, the table leg is breaking.  What can we do?” “Call the people,” replied Jeff.  “What? What people?” said Lisa. “The people- there have to be people. I am not one of those people. I am an accountant, I can do the peoples’ taxes, but I can’t fix the table. Call the people.” Lisa was on her own- she is very capable, very handy, but she needed to find the people. Have you ever felt like this? I need something, but am not sure where to look or who to call? There has to be someone who does this, but who? If you need supplies to help you build, clean, and protect in your work environment, we are your people. Snappy Solutions has been a trusted Industrial Supplier for 17 years. You’ll always get a response and there is an expert on staff for each of our lines. 100 erosion control blankets needed? We are your people. 45,000 N95 masks? We are your people. 20 Cases of eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner, you know the answer.  “Call Snappy Solutions.”

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