PPE Products

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Need a production run for nitrile gloves?  Contact us for more details. 877-289-8340 or email us at sales@snappysolutions.com


Wall Mounted  Touch Free Bulk Hand Sanitizer Dispensers. Fill with any brand of gel or liquid hand sanitizer

$69.95 each Plus Freight

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Metal Stands for Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

$85 plus Freight.  Stand sold separately from dispensers.


Gel Hand Sanitizer

70% alcohol. Made in the USA. 4 Gallons Per case.  $ 145 per case.  5 Case Minimum. 

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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers

$39.95 each Plus Freight

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Three Ply Blue Masks

500-2,500: 39¢ each + freight

2,501-10,000: 35¢ each + freight

10,001-100,000: 28¢ each + freight

100,001-200,000: 23¢ each + freight

200,001-250,000: 19¢ each + freight

Over 250K: Please call for pricing


KN95 Masks

500-1,500: $1.95 each + freight

1,501-5,000: $1.75 each + freight

5,001-10,000: $1.50 each + freight

10,001-20,000: $1.35 each + freight

20,001-30,000: $1.25 each + freight

Over 30K: Please call for pricing

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Hand sanitizer bottles 16 oz. 12 Bottles Per Case

70% alcohol $ 95 Per case Plus Freight. 3 Case minimum

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Face shields

MINIMUM order of 50 pieces - $ 4.50 each Plus Freight

saniwipes aug262020.jpg

Hand wipes

Sanitex Wipes.  Made in the USA. 20 wipes per package. 72 packages per case.  1440 wipes total count.  $195 per case. Plus Freight.



Minimum Order of 100 Pieces.  $4.50 each plus freight


Lemon-E Detergent/Disinfectant

Disinfectants on the FDA list of approved products to fight COVID-19. Made in the USA in the Great State of New York. Available in pallets and by the case.  Please contact us for more information. sales@snappysolutions.com



Infrared cameras to detect temperatures and surveillance cameras available. Please contact us for more information.