PPE Products

All items are in stock and ready to ship. Please check weekly for new products and updated pricing. For more information or to place an order please call 877-289-8340 or email sales@snappysolutions.com. We accept all major credit cards.

Need a production run for nitrile gloves?  Contact us for more details.

Wall Mounted  Touch Free Bulk Hand Sanitizer Dispensers. Fill with any brand of gel or liquid hand sanitizer

$69.95 each Plus Freight

Metal Stands for Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

$85 plus Freight.  Stand sold separately from dispensers.

Gel Hand Sanitizer

70% alcohol. Made in the USA. 4 Gallons Per case.  $ 145 per case.  5 Case Minimum. 

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers

$39.95 each Plus Freight

Three Ply Blue Masks

500-2,500: 39¢ each + freight

2,501-10,000: 35¢ each + freight

10,001-100,000: 28¢ each + freight

100,001-200,000: 23¢ each + freight

200,001-250,000: 19¢ each + freight

Over 250K: Please call for pricing

KN95 Masks

500-1,500: $1.95 each + freight

1,501-5,000: $1.75 each + freight

5,001-10,000: $1.50 each + freight

10,001-20,000: $1.35 each + freight

20,001-30,000: $1.25 each + freight

Over 30K: Please call for pricing

Hand sanitizer bottles 16 oz. 12 Bottles Per Case

70% alcohol $ 95 Per case Plus Freight. 3 Case minimum

Face shields

MINIMUM order of 50 pieces - $ 4.50 each Plus Freight

Hand wipes

Sanitex Wipes.  Made in the USA. 20 wipes per package. 72 packages per case.  1440 wipes total count.  $195 per case. Plus Freight.


Minimum Order of 100 Pieces.  $4.50 each plus freight

Lemon-E Detergent/Disinfectant

Disinfectants on the FDA list of approved products to fight COVID-19. Made in the USA in the Great State of New York. Available in pallets and by the case.  Please contact us for more information. sales@snappysolutions.com


Infrared cameras to detect temperatures and surveillance cameras available. Please contact us for more information.